AFB Design

AFB Design is a new Auto Fashion Brands brand created in 2016.

Its partners’ passion for the motoring world has been the main source of inspiration and development of a furniture line focused on car, motorcycle and racing enthusiasts.

The brand has started with a product called Ball Chair, made of ABS plastic and carbon fibre, hand painted and varnished in our workshop in Barcelona by two specialists in carbon fibre and paint. We currently have more than 15 designs related to various themes and brands such as Ayrton Senna, BMW, Niki Lauda, Lamborghini, Martini Racing, Porsche, Red Bull, among others.

A small table has also been developed in conjunction with the Ball Chair, with designs that complement its spectacular image.

We are already working on new designs and products, all of them related to the racing world.

It can also be customized to the consumer’s taste. We have a designer who can develop any idea and translate it into our products.